Welcome to a working draft of the Higher Education to NC Government (Ed2NC) database, a resource of career-relevant information to help North Carolina’s state agency recruiters and 110 institutions of higher education collaborate on recruitment efforts. This resource was developed by the Ed2NC workgroup (formerly referred to as the NC OSHR College/University Partnership group), a joint effort of the NC Office of State Human Resources and NC Office of Strategic Partnerships.

Ed2NC's mission is to strengthen the North Carolina student talent pipeline by bringing state government and higher education leaders together to apply innovation to fortify the partnership between state government agencies and North Carolina colleges and universities.

Why work for North Carolina?

State of North Carolina employees can rely on a culture that values collaboration, creativity and innovation, diversity, opportunities for advancement, and fulfilling work that impact positive change for North Carolinians. Employment benefits are intended to enhance the quality of life, health, and wellness for state employees and their families. Your career, your state. Work for NC.

We invite you to use this database to connect with a North Carolina state agency recruiter and/or college and university career service professional. If you have questions, please contact Andrea Bennett, [email protected].

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